Comfort without annoyance can be found at Bali Luxury Villas. The luxurious accommodation offers tropical ambiance with the concept of unfolding space. A Balinese flavor is seen at every villa in Bali apparently, from the architectures, ornaments, carvings, gardens, plantations, open-air living, and more Balinese accents to adore. Some Bali luxury villas come with simplicity and respect towards its natural environments, some others have limited spaces yet still give you comforts and facilities. Each Bali villa for rent is equipped with private pool, with engaging comfy furniture as well. In short, the Balinese atmosphere is deeply felt throughout Bali private villas.

Throughout the luxury villas in Bali, we will come across images of expansive living spaces, pool with the decks from strong iron wood, and terrace as well, and usually the living rooms villa in Bali for family holidays are designed with the options of being left open of closed. Some beachfront Luxury Villas Bali in areas such as Canggu, Uluwatu, Ubud, or Nusa Dua make them beautiful and perfect spots for an ultimate new year’s holiday with the entire family. However, most weekenders choose to stay at Bali luxury private villas in Seminyak, a chic area to please the passion of shopping, dining, clubbing, and other leisure activities at Luxury Villas Bali.

Villa Teresa
Click for detailVilla Teresa Beach front and riverside on adjoin in two units of connecting private villas which is in first unit consist of 3 bedrooms villa,… Read more
Villa C2 Residence
Click for detailVilla C2 Residence is located in the hearth of Seminyak only a few footsteps away from the beach near Kudeta and all the hot spot to… Read more
Villa Samuan
Click for detailDespite the central location, villa Bali Samuan is peaceful and quiet, with one of the largest gardens in the Oberoi area with many coconut… Read more
Villa Shalimar
Click for detailVilla Shalimar is the perfect location for parties, weddings and other larger events, but also for a relaxing and overwhelming… Read more
Villa Jerami
Click for detailThe Villa Jerami not only offers you classy rooms and pool, but also plenty of space, privacy and touching service. To stay at Jerami is to on… Read more
Villa Sakti
Click for detailComplementing the use of luxurious natural materials, Villa Sakti is furnished with extraordinary artifacts and antiques… Read more
* Villa Teresa
* Villa Bendega
* Villa Echo Beach
* Villa Sungai Tinggi
* Villa Puri Bawana
* Villa C2 Residence
* Villa Samuan
* Villa Jerami
* The Beach House
* The Dusun Villa
* The Ahimsa Beach
* Villa Gending Kedis
* Villa Kayu Manis
* The Longhouse Villa
* Villa Hanani
* Villa Bayad
* Villa Sebali
* Villa Putri Tupai
* Villa Ria Sayan
* Villa Griya Atma
* The Istana Villa
* Villa Sinaran Surga
* Villa Karang Kembar
* Villa Lagen Cliff
* Villa Royalty
* Villa Sanur Residence
* Villa Pushpapuri
* Villa Wakamaya
* Villa Batu Jimbar
Nusa Dua:
* Villa Bali Becik
* Villa Horizon
* Villa Heavenly Residence
* Villa Kayu Manis
* Villa Shanti Residence
* Villa Taman Wana
* Villa Asta
* Villa Saba
* Villa Atas Ombak
* Villa Akasha
Tanah Lot:
* Villa Lotus Residence
* Villa Arjuna
* Villa Ocean & Golf
* Villa Nirwana
* Villa Sunset Golf
* Villa Bahagia
* Villa M
* The Bidadari & Spa Villa
* Villa Arwana
* Villa Kharisma
A Piece of Advice For Your Vacation at Bali Villas
[Travel-and-Leisure:Destination-Tips] Having a plan to spend time in Bali with your family or beloved spouse? Or are you about to have a honeymoon in Bali? I suggest you to choose one of the villas in Bali as a place to stay since Bali villas offer you private area and atmosphere just like at home.

Bali Private Villa – A Home Away From Home
[Travel-and-Leisure:Vacation-Homes] Your comfortable home sweet home will be available here in Bali when you have a trip to this Island of Gods. It is not an impossible thing since Bali Private villas as your homes in Bali will treat you better with fantastic personalized services and your privacy will be kept as you are in your own home.

Private Villas For Valentine’s in Bali
[Travel-and-Leisure:Vacation-Homes] Valentine Day is an important day for those who are in love. However, many people still do the conventional valentine customs like giving flowers or chocolate as well as having candle light dinner rather than doing the extraordinary celebration. Ignore the plan to give your spouse the usual stuffs.

Things to Do in Bali
[Travel-and-Leisure:Destination-Tips] Holiday should be all about the excitement and relaxation, about visiting a place which is away from daily routine. It is a place where endless experiences are waiting for your discovery.

Ways to Save Money on a Villa Holiday
[Travel-and-Leisure:Destination-Tips] Going on holiday seems always to be a perfect plan particularly for summer, Christmas, or New Year. Then looking for a pleasant place to go will bear in mind. However don’t you realize when making a booking during those periods, all the hotels from the five-star to Jasmine hotels, suites, resorts, bungalows, or even private villas are almost fully booked.

Nyepi Day (Silent Day) In Bali
[News-and-Society:Religion] Silent Day, the religious holiday, is the only one which is happening in the world. There is no other similar day anywhere else but Bali. Traditional Hindhu’s celebration falls every year according to Hindhu ancient calendar. This special day is celebrated every March in a year.

Nusa Dua, Dedicated to Upscale Travelers
[Travel-and-Leisure:City-Guides-and-Information] So many holiday makers and adventurous minds call Bali a perfect place to go. Bali with all the highlights that are on offer makes it a prime destination in the world. Bali offers up some of the best, most sophisticated retreats to celebrate life till the fullest at.

Celebrations of Galungan & Kuningan Day in Bali
[News-and-Society:Religion] The biggest Hindu’s festival called Galungan and Kuningan, both falling every six months or twice a year in Balinese calendar or every 210 days because in Balinese calendar are consist of 35 days in each month.

Sanur – Shopping, Dining, Everything!
[Travel-and-Leisure:Destination-Tips] Sanur village faces 3 kilometers of coastline, a place where the island’s spirit can always be relished and enjoyed. The area is heaven for shopping, eating, sightseeing, almost for everything! People say Sanur beach is the best spot for watching sunrise and you can go to Matahari Beach to watch the best sunrise.

Ubud – A Cultural Center of Bali Island
[Travel-and-Leisure:City-Guides-and-Information] The saying “meet the artists in Ubud” might be true. Many painters, writers, craftsmen, carvers, expatriates, and creative individuals choose Ubud as their base.