Bali is a tourist paradise that is famous throughout the world. The province, known as the Island of the Gods, has become famous as the target of tourists since 1980. I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport also serves direct flights from various countries, including Asia, Europe and Australia. This is what makes it easier for people to come to the Island of the Gods.

Almost all year round, all tourist attractions in Bali are always filled with local and foreign tourists. Foreign tourists visit them so often, the tourist community in Bali is quite large. Warm weather with not too high rainfall is also the reason this island is the main tourist destination for many citizens of the country with four seasons.

Bali also has a culture that has survived until now. Some communities still adhere to their beliefs and carry out various religious ceremonies at certain times. Even in some places, they still believe in the myths that have been believed since their ancestors.

Therefore, more tourists are looking for lodging close to local residents and other entertainment centers. Those of you who are looking for lodging there can also choose a villa as a place to stay while on vacation in Bali.

Best recommended villas in Bali

The choice of villas in Bali is arguably more luxurious than other lodging alternatives. The location of the villa choices is also very strategic. You will be able to easily reach the beaches of Seminyak, Legian and Kuta which are the target of many tourists. What is also an advantage of villas in Bali is the private swimming pool facilities that make the lodging you choose look luxurious.

Villas in Bali also have varied room choices. The following are recommendations for the best villas in Bali, complete with the facilities they offer.

1. Buana Bali Villas & Spa

This villa, which is located in the Jimbaran area, is the most appropriate place to invite couples to have a romantic vacation in Bali. Since this is located in the southern region of Bali, you will get a less crowded urban area. Plans for traveling to Bali will be even more fun because this villa is located not far from the Garuda Wisnu Kencana tourist spot. If you want, you can reach it by walking for about 15 minutes.

In terms of facilities, you will get a private villa building not less than 130 square meters. You will be immediately greeted by a clean swimming pool with a place to relax around it. There are several choices of villas depending on the number of people. All rooms are equipped with a bathtub in a bathroom. In addition, there is also a kitchen to cook meals while staying there.

You can also get other facilities, order delicious food at the restaurant and be delivered to the villa room. Also invite your partner to release tension with the spa facilities that are also provided by the villa.

2. Bajra Bali Villa Seminyak

If you don’t want to be far from the center of Denpasar City, you can choose Crown Bali Villa Seminyak. This luxury villa in Bali is certainly the right choice of lodging for those of you who are still looking for the famous beach tourism in Bali. The distance is only 3 km from Seminyak Beach and 6 km from Kuta Beach.

There are two choices of villas that can be tailored to your needs. For a romantic getaway, the choice of one bedroom with an area of ​​100 square meters is enough to make an unforgettable experience with your partner. If you come with your family, you can choose a two bedroom villa which is certainly more spacious.

The bedrooms in each villa are directly adjacent to the swimming pool. You can immediately get a beautiful view with a combination of green and blue in the villa grounds when you first open your eyes.

3. The Kampung Ubud Villa

Looking for views other than beaches and cities in Bali, come to Ubud which has views of the mountains and green rice fields. The Kampung Ubud Villa is also one of the best places for those of you who are looking for comfortable accommodation in the area. This place has a proficient architectural style with wooden furniture in almost every corner.

The poles used there are also made of wood and given a brown color to create an impression of being close to nature. The Kampung Ubud Villa also provides a private swimming pool in the villa for use with your partner or family while staying there.

There is a kitchen and large living area for various activities together. Because the area reaches 300 square meters, this one villa is most suitable for those of you who are looking for a large place to stay while on vacation in Bali

4. Astana Seminyak Villas

Astana Seminyak Villas is an alternative for those of you who want to stay in the Seminyak area. The location is about three km north of Seminyak Beach. The area around the villa is also filled with various delicious restaurants that serve a variety of food menus.

Astana Seminyak also has a number of facilities that are offered to you while staying there. You will get a luxurious building like a house of 100 square meters with a private pool. Even though it’s not too big, the swimming pool in the villa is actually more comfortable to use when you are looking for a serenity.

This villa is indeed more comfortable when used together with a partner. You can order a romantic, flowery welcome when you order it for your honeymoon needs.

5. The Leaf Jimbaran Luxury Villas

The Jimbaran area also has one of the best villas in Bali for you. This one inn presents a villa room with an unusual style. You will find a swimming pool in the villa building between the living and dining area. You will definitely get a different experience if you stay with all family members.

The room is spacious enough to do many activities with family members. More sofas are provided to relax while watching television. The dining table provided in the room can be turned into a romantic dining place.

The atmosphere of the restaurant in the main building has a very beautiful view. You will see the view of the golden sky at dusk while eating a delicious menu there. If you really want to enjoy food from inside the villa room, you can also order it directly for delivery.

Best Villa in Bali

Bali has long been known as a popular tourist island in Indonesia and other countries. Many choices of beaches and other natural attractions are an attraction for tourists. The development of supporting tourism continues to grow from year to year in the city.

The appearance of the Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) tourist spot in 2018 has also made Bali a very strong magnet. The accommodation there is growing very rapidly. Various inns and villas are increasingly crowded with these tourist locations. You can book a villa in Bali close to GWK.

The advantage of villas in Bali is that they also have very nice buildings. The facilities offered are also very complete. You can find a large villa building not less than 100 square meters. In fact, many of the villas provide accommodation buildings of up to 300 square meters for one room. In it is also full of many facilities, ranging from television, refrigerator, kitchen, and bathtub in the bathroom.

Villas are also the best place to vacation with family members. With the existence of a fully equipped kitchen with cooking utensils, you can make food creations for family members and eat together in the living room.

One other advantage of villas in Bali is the choice of private swimming pools in each building for rent. Swimming pool is one of the mandatory facilities in a villa. The size of the swimming pool provided by the villa providers also varies, both in size and position. Spending a weekend just relaxing in the villa is also a fun activity.

Reasons for Renting a Cheap Villa in Bali

Bali is still one of the best tourist destinations in Indonesia. There are still many people who dream or plan a vacation to Bali. If you are planning to have a vacation in Bali in the near future, cheap villa rental in Bali is one of the best choices, especially if you are traveling with a group. The reason is, there are many reasons villas are more profitable in several aspects. Here are some things you should try to rent a villa in Bali while on vacation there.

Cheap alternative accommodation

When you come with family or friends, you will be more comfortable choosing the same place to live. Choosing a hotel will be much more expensive because you will have to rent more than one room. With a villa, you only need to book one large building with many bedrooms. That way, the total cost of lodging will be much cheaper and you can use the money for other purposes.

Strategic location with tourist attractions

Many villa service providers in Bali have very strategic locations. Several choices of villas are located close to famous beaches in Bali. You can easily reach the beach on foot and meet local residents. There are also villas located close to the Garuda Wisnu Kencana tourist spot. You just need to rent a car to take you to these tourist locations.

Closer to Family

It’s different if you rent a hotel room that can only be entered by two people, the villa has a wider building and can be accessed by 3-5 people. Some villa options in Bali even provide more than two rooms with more space to live in. You can also stay in one villa with your family. The living room provided is wide enough to carry out various activities together.

Like staying at home

The existence of a fully equipped kitchen with stove and microwave in the villa allows you to have a small party with your favorite menu creations. In fact, you can make a barbeque party with a grill that can be provided by the villa provider. Surely all activities carried out will be as comfortable as home.

Private pool

It’s different if you rent a hotel where the swimming pool facilities can be used by all of its guests. Several choices of villas in Bali provide private swimming pools in their buildings. You can be more comfortable when relaxing in the pool with your family. In addition, you can also ask for additional flowers with a special theme while staying on a honeymoon with your partner.