Villa in Seminyak

About Seminyak

Seminyak is one of the famous tourist areas in Bali, apart from Kuta and Legian. This village, which is included in the sub-district of Kuta, Badung, Bali, has an area of ​​2.65 square kilometers. With such an area, Seminyak is filled with various interesting tourist attractions and never dies for 24 hours.

This area is famous for its nightlife and comfortable and luxurious residential accommodation which is often occupied by tourists, both local and foreign. For example, the Potato Head beach club is known throughout the world and is a must-visit place while on vacation here. Tourists can enjoy the sunset while enjoying their favorite cocktail and swimming in the pool or directly on the beach. 

Apart from night entertainment, this area is also known for its beautiful beaches. Starting from Double Six Beach, Batu Belig Beach, to Petitenget Beach. This beach area is visited by many tourists almost throughout the year, especially during the holiday season or when summer arrives.

To maximize the vacation experience here, various lodging properties have emerged. One of the most popular is the villa. The villas in Seminyak have their own charm for tourists who want to experience a memorable vacation.

Best recommended villas in Seminyak

In recent years, the Seminyak area has become the number one tourist destination in Bali. This can be seen from the many beach clubs , restaurants and other tourist attractions in this area. The beaches here have now become the number one tourist destination, even beating the popularity of Kuta Beach in its time. 

No wonder the Seminyak area often experiences severe congestion when the holiday period arrives. Motorcycles can indeed be a solution when you want to visit this area. However, another alternative that is much more attractive is to choose holiday accommodation in the form of villas in Seminyak so you can walk when you want to visit entertainment venues here.

The villas in Seminyak now have many variations. Ranging from family villas to private one bedroom honeymoon villas for newly married couples. The concept of this honeymoon villa is also very romantic because the interior inside is designed in such a way that the relationship between couples can be even more romantic.

The following are recommendations for the best villas in Seminyak that have an attractive design, strategic location, and competitive prices.

1. Astana Seminyak Villas

Astana Seminyak Villas is one of the best villas in the Seminyak area specially designed to create the most memorable romantic vacation experience while in Bali. This villa in Seminyak has 10 one-bedroom villas, each of which is equipped with a private pool, luxurious interiors, and a kitchen with a dining area. The kitchen also has complete equipment, from an oven , microwave , toaster, to kettle .

Some of the villas can be connected to each other so that they can be converted into one villa with two bedrooms. The best part of this villa is a luxurious bathroom with a bath tub leading directly to the swimming pool.

Location wise, Astana Seminyak Villas is close to Petitenget Beach and Batu Belig Beach. For those of you who want to visit nightclubs, just walk to Potato Head Beach Club, Ku De Ta, and Woo Bar. This villa is suitable for newly married couples for honeymoon or couples to celebrate their wedding anniversary until other special moments.

2. Danoya Villa Seminyak

This villa in Seminyak offers a tropical villa that is perfect for relaxing while on vacation in Bali. The building design is inspired by Mediterranean and Balinese styles combined with a luxurious contemporary style using natural elements. You can see the room decorating elements from natural palimanan stone, bathroom tiles made of marble, coconut wood decorations, to sculptures and other traditional objects from Indonesia. 

The villas have ample space, living room, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and flat screen televisions. For room matters, Danoya Villa Seminyak has a villa with a variety of rooms in it, ranging from one bedroom to five rooms. Everything is equipped with a private swimming pool which can certainly increase your privacy while on vacation here. 

3. Bajra Bali Villa 

Crown Bali Villa offers 9 units of one-bedroom villas and 3 units of two-bedroom villas surrounded by gardens and located in the heart of Seminyak. All villas are designed with tropical themes and balance open architecture with modern resort touches. All villas have a private pool, separate living, dining and kitchen facilities. 

The bed used is spacious with two sofas placed on each side of the bed. French-style windows are installed in the bathroom area and provide direct access to the swimming pool. 

This villa in Seminyak is only a 10-minute drive from Batu Belig Beach and various other tourist attractions on Seminyak and Kerobokan streets. Pamper your family by staying at this villa with five star facilities.

4. Private Villa Bougainville

Private Villa Bougainville is located in the center of business and entertainment in Bali, offering various facilities that can make you and your family feel the most memorable vacation while staying here. All rooms are designed and decorated so that guests can feel right at home. There is a private swimming pool so you can feel more comfortable. 

This villa in Seminyak is only about a 10-minute drive from the popular Double Six Beach. Kuta Beach and Beachwalk Mall can also be reached by driving in just 15 minutes. Villa Bougainville has a tropical garden with a terrace for sitting and relaxing with the family so that it can increase the harmony while on vacation.

5. Samaja Villas Kunti

Conveniently located in Seminyak, Samaja Villas Kunti is an ideal residence from which to explore a holiday in Bali. The place is also very suitable for holidays or business visits. There is a large enough area throughout the land to enjoy the tropical Balinese atmosphere with maintained privacy. 

With a total of 9 one-bedroom villas and one two-bedroom villa unit, this villa in Seminyak is ready to pamper and rest your body while on vacation here. Each villa has a spacious living room, sofa, flat screen television, dining table, and private pool. Samaja Villas Kunti is only a 15-minute drive from Seminyak Beach, Potato Head Beach Club and Ku De Ta.

The charm of a villa in Seminyak

Seminyak has long been known as the center of a popular tourist destination on the Island of the Gods. Areas close to popular beaches such as Batu Belig, Double Six, Petitenget make Seminyak has the potential for natural tourism that is far from boring. Apart from nature tourism, Seminyak also has a variety of nightclubs with different concepts, such as Potato Head, Woo Bar, Mrs. Sippy and others.

The emergence of new tourist attractions is also supported by developments in the property sector. Starting from a place to eat, a place to rest, to a comfortable inn. Talking about lodging, tourists generally prefer comfortable lodgings and of course have a location close to popular tourist attractions.

Fortunately, the villas in Seminyak are strategically located and close to tourist attractions that attract tourists. For example, Astana Seminyak Villas which is close to Batu Belig Beach, Danoya Villa which is close to Mrs. Sippy, or Crown Bali Villa adjacent to Potato Head.

Apart from the matter of location, the villas in Seminyak are now also supported by facilities that are no less attractive than other hotels or inns. Like a home, these facilities are here, of course, to increase the comfort of the guests while staying there.

The facilities that are usually found in villas in Seminyak are swimming pools. Privacy is certainly something people look for while on vacation in Bali. Even villas in Seminyak understand this need. Therefore, the average villa in Seminyak has a private swimming pool that can be accessed directly from the bed. Suitable for guests who are couples who want to have a honeymoon vacation in Bali.

Apart from swimming pools, villas in Seminyak with a home concept also provide a kitchen space in them. The availability of this kitchen allows guests to cook their own meals during the holidays or even hold BBQ parties outside the room. Believe it or not, the kitchen can be a gathering place for extended family members to work together to prepare meals for others. The relationship between family members can get closer to each other.

After cooking together, you and your family can eat the food that is already available in the dining room or family gathering room that is available inside or outside the villa. You won’t be able to feel the experience of gathering at an inn while on vacation when staying at a hotel. Holiday moments can feel more exclusive and intimate when you can gather with your extended family in the same room.

When entering a weekend or a long vacation, tourists usually start hunting for villas in Seminyak which are close to tourist attractions earlier. This is due to the high interest in staying at a villa during the holidays and as a precaution so as not to run out of lodging accommodation during holidays.

Reasons to rent a cheap villa in Seminyak while on vacation

One of the things that must be prepared when you want to vacation outside the city like to Bali is lodging. Currently, you have a wide variety of lodging options that can be chosen as a place to stay while on vacation. Starting from hotels, daily boarding houses, to villas. If you are traveling with a large number of families or groups, an alternative villa as a place to stay can be the right choice. 

Especially now that there are many choices of the best villas in Seminyak, Bali which have facilities that are not inferior to hotels and of course comfortable to live in. The following are some reasons why renting a villa while on vacation can be the right choice when traveling with family.

It strengthens the family more

Vacations are a great way to strengthen relationships between family members. Especially when choosing a villa as a place to stay while on vacation. Unlike hotels that are divided into rooms, staying at a villa can increase interaction between families because it looks like a house and has its own room for gathering. Not to mention if the villa provides a means of playing together such as a private pool.

Feels like home

On average, the most popular villas in Bali have facilities like a home. Starting from the family room, more than one room, kitchen, to luxury facilities such as swimming pools. With these complete facilities, it can make you and your family more comfortable while on vacation with comfortable lodging like your own home.

More flexible

Staying at a villa can also be more flexible about time compared to hotels. When staying at a hotel, you must comply with the check-in and check-out times if you don’t want to incur additional charges. However, when choosing a villa you can be more flexible about these entry and exit times. Of course, this matter must be discussed first with the owner or manager of the villa to be rented.

Villa as a cheap alternative to lodging

If you are traveling with a family or a group with a large number of members, staying at a villa can save more on your vacation budget. Current villa prices vary, usually depending on the completeness of the facilities owned or its strategic location. For example, the cost of renting a villa in Bali currently ranges from one million to five million rupiah per night.

For a villa that is complete with facilities such as a swimming pool, kitchen, spacious living room, and is available up to three or four rooms in it, it is usually priced from two million to three million rupiah. It is quite expensive, but this villa can accommodate more than five people. 

More romantic

Bali is known as a honeymoon destination for newly married couples. Staying in a villa can bring you a more memorable romantic vacation than a hotel. You can feel like staying in a private villa because your privacy is more protected. Moreover, several villas in Seminyak also offer private pools which can be accessed directly from the bedroom.